TechCure Revenue Cycle Management



TechCure RCM has been providing best Medical billing and RCM solutions to Medical providers in USA. We have a unique team of highly experienced peoples in Healthcare industry who knows best how to generate revenue efficiently and quickly for our clients

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve financials for our providers by our efficient RCM services including claim scrubbing , Error free and timely claim submission , Denial Management and Effective AR follow-up.

Medical Billing
Medical Coding

The Future of Healthcare

The vision was to create a 360 RCM services module, which was achieved by bringing all RCM sub-segments under one roof. Right from patient registration to all Billing & Coding functions, Appeals, Denial management, Payment reconciliations and sending patient statements, even processing the patients’ credit cards.


We make sure once you’re a Bikham client, you feel you have your own Practice Management Concierge service rather than a regular RCM company.


Owing to the 15-year long multi-specialty experience, realizing its time to niche out certain specialty services we are good at, Bikham’s specialized Laboratory RCM module was launched in 2016, catering specifically to mid-sized and large clinical and molecular Laboratories.

Starting 2020 with moving into a bigger location in Midtown Manhattan, six new Laboratory RCM specific departments were launched.